The Company

TechLab Works - The Company
TechLab Works was founded in 2008 out of the idea of starting a business initiative in the hi-tech sector. The main objective of TechLab Works is to provide our customers with high-tech solutions, specialised services in the development and management of applications. The mission of the company is to create solutions with high technological content, through the development of products related to the processing of video streams and the automation of their associated information processes. A characteristic and somewhat innovative element is represented by the research and development of products for the improvement of control and monitoring systems, as well as the increase in verification and surveillance systems.

Our activities

Medical Solutions

TechLab specialises in the production of electro medical equipment, automation systems in the surgical field and systems for digitising clinical data with a particular interest in software and embedded systems for data, video and image management.

Multimedia Solutions

In the planning and implementation of digital signage systems, large scale wi-fi systems and digitalisation of museum environments, we have assisted in the production of DigiKiosk - touchscreen systems for the use of multimedia content. Find all the latest news in the relevant section.

Security Solutions

For years we have specialised in the planning, production and installation of highly complex security systems for both private customers and public administration. TechLab Works uses combinations of advanced technologies in order to solve problems related to the security of external and internal environments, reclamation of illegal waste sites, control of ZTL and the safety of environments with a high concentration of people through the installation of evacuation systems.

Industrial Applications

We offer our customers our expertise in the electronic engineering field and the software for the production of electronic products and IT solutions. From idea to finished product, TechLab can plan, create the prototype and produce batches of electronic systems on multi-material mechanical supports, as well as creating firmware, software and apps to meet specific requests and for specific applications.