Techlab Works s.r.l.
Registered and head office:
Via Macello, 15D
95030, Mascalucia(CT), Italy
Telephone and email address:
Tel: (+39)
Fax: (+39) 095.673.58.16

Our contacts


Dott.ssa Daniela Finocchiaro
Tel: (+39) (int. 1)

Software Solutions
Support Manager

Ing. Riccardo Salerno
Tel: (+39) (int. 2)

Medical Solutions
Sales Manager

Ing.Fabrizio Garufi
Tel: (+39) (int. 3)

Multimedia Solutions
Sales Manager

Ing.Alberto Cavallaro
Tel: (+39) (int. 3)

Security Solutions
Sales Manager

Ing.Luigi Tummino
Tel: (+39) (int. 3)

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