Medical Solutions

Xe™ - The innovative integrated operating room system
The Xe™ system (I.C.S.E. Integrated Control of Surgical Environment) allows for the management and automation of surgical procedures and the integrated management of all devices in the operating room. Integrated management means the management of video signals, room lighting, electro medical devices and integration with the hospital corporate information system through a single control panel.

EndoStation™ – The advanced medical workstation
The use of the latest generation processors from the Dual Core and Quad Core family makes the EndoStation™ the ideal tool for acquiring, storing and editing images and videos coming from the systems used in imaging diagnostic departments or in operating rooms. The high multimedia performance makes it possible to manage video streams both in standard PAL format and in HD and full-HD formats. The EndoStation integrates perfectly into any wired or wireless network infrastructure and represents the basic module for sharing, reviewing and modifying patient information and related examinations and interventions, both locally and remotely from locations outside the healthcare facility. It is in fact possible to work in stand-alone mode, or alternatively follow the entire process related to the examination from the station itself, which in online mode, shares data with a central server. The EndoStation is equipped with a "connection recovery" system that allows for operation even if, in the shared connection, problems occur with the server, synchronising automatically as soon as the data link is re-established.

Point of Care EndoVision – Wall-mounted workstation for Operating Theatres
Ergonomic solutions suitable for both wards and operating theatres for the management of electronic clinical data and for various electronic and IT applications. The points of care can be placed inside or outside the operating theatre for the consultation of data coming from the company information system. The P.O.C. is an IP65 grade aluminium enclosure with a glass cover and is perfect for wall mounting.

Vector™ - Pass-Through windows and Pass-Through cabinet
Vector is a product’s line that includes Pass-Through windows and Pass-Through cabinet. These solutions allow the safe passage of objects between the different environments inside an operating department, the sterile environment of the room itself and the corridors outside it. Both are made of AISI 304 scotch-brite stainless steel. The Pass-Through cabinet has a closed perimeter structure consisting of a double hinged door opening from the dirty side/ clean side with no sharp edges and contact cuts that can be reached during maintenance and cleaning operations . The Pass-Through windows is also composed of a double security glass door with a thickness of 10 mm with self-lubricated Teflon and dust-proof gaskets. Both structures have interlocked closing and opening mechanisms and are equipped with 2 LEDs, red and green, to indicate the interlocking status on each side. In addition, there is a manual unlocking security system for opening windows.

Xe™ Clock- OR’s touch digital clock
The XeTM Clock is a built–in digital clock for operating theatre made of a touch display with IR remote control. It allows you to monitor the duration of surgical procedures by starting and resetting a timer through the IR remote control. Through the SensOR Box it is possible to monitor the environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2 and differential pressure under standard conditions. Settings and environment parameters are easily monitored and managed from a web interface. The available sizes of the Xe Clock are 22" or 24". The front surface of the screen is vandal-proof with IP65 security rating.

Xe™ Control Environment- OR’s Control Touch Panel
The Xe Plug-in Environment is a touch panel that allows control of the operating room. The settings are easily managed from a web interface. It is possible to connect the SensOR box which allows the display of environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2, differential pressure at standard conditions and particulate matter PM1, PM2.5, PM4 and PM10 in the room. It is also possible to view the trend and history of the environmental parameters remotely via a web interface, as well as the total time that elapses during the opening and closing of the hall doors. There is also the display of gas alarms, the control of LED circuits and the management of ventilation and air changes. The available format of the Xe Control Environment™ is 24”. The front surface of the screen is vandal-proof with IP65 security rating.

Clinical software
The EndoVision™ series is a software package dedicated to endoscopy, video control, user frame interaction, and improving video features. The proposed solutions are systems that facilitate the physician in the interaction with the video stream, its storage and the compilation of accurate reports. Furthermore, where existing (see MST in the case of Gastroenterology), standard nomenclatures have been adopted for reporting. EndoVision™ allows interfacing with PACS systems and the management of reports of medical records..
E.I.S. ™ - Electronic medical records
The E.I.S.™ Endoscopy Information System (electronic medical record) system allows for the management of medical records as well as outpatient and hospitalisation processes through admission, reporting and operating theatre stations. The system permits the traceability of all the procedures performed in an operating unit, from the booking of an outpatient visit, to admission with subsequent surgery and discharge report. The system also allows for reporting on the department activity through accounting and statistics modules.
N.I.S. ™ - Electronic nursing record
The N.I.S. ™ Nursing Information System (electronic nursing record) allows the management of nursing records and nursing clinical data collected during patients' hospital stay through admission stations, consultation and mobile devices that allow data to be input directly from hospital rooms.

Hospital Live – Advanced technology for patient improvement
The innovative Hospital Live system is a bedside electro-medical system consisting of a touch-screen panel PC installed on a serving trolley or swivel arm. The system offers utilities to patients and medical nursing staff. The Live Hospital, which is based on the latest generation of integrated clinical information technology, allows patients to interact virtually with their family members and makes hospital stays more comfortable thanks to a series of fun entertainment applications. Furthermore the modules "E.I.S™ - Endoscopy Information System" and "N.I.S™ - Nursing Information System" allow the management of medical records and clinical nursing data collected during patients' hospital stay, helping the medical nursing staff to achieve better traceability of all the procedures carried out in the structure.